Global Export Documentation Services

What is Quickcert?

Quickcert is designed to assist exporters and freight forwarders with their export documentation requirements.

It helps you certify export documentation online, including: Certificates of Origin, EUR1’s and ATR’s. You can also easily submit any other documents required for electronic Chamber of Commerce certification including commercial invoices and packing lists.

Once complete, you can print the certified documents at your desk in a matter of minutes.

Who is Quickcert for?

The Quickcert tools are built with exporters of all sizes in mind,  and the platform allows you to create export documentation for some of the world’s largest exporting markets including the U.K, E.U and the U.S, using one single system.

With 1000’s of users worldwide, Quickcert is developed by Blair Consular Services, Europe’s Largest Consular Agent.

The benefits of Quickcert

  • Fast Chamber of Commerce certification – documents are certified and returned to the user within minutes rather than days
  • One platform for multiple customer branches – users with offices in different countries can use one system due to our partnerships with multiple Chambers of Commerce.
  • Dedicated support provided during the application process by our team of export documentation specialists

Quickcert currently allows users to create export documentation for exports from the following markets – we’re constantly forming new partnerships with Chambers of Commerce, so please contact us if you have a requirement for certification in any other countries, as we may be able to assist.

  • United Kingdom

    Our flagship system, Quickcert U.K, allows users to create European Community Certificates of Origin, Arab-British Certificates of Origin, EUR1’s and ATR’s, with certified documents being returned on the platform within an hour of submission. We have an established relationship with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including a dedicated in-house certification team.

  • United States

    Quickcert US allows American Exporters and Freight Forwarders to create their Certificates of Origin and receive their electronically certified documents within an hour of submission by utilising our accredited Chamber of Commerce in the U.S.

  • Ireland

    Quickcert IE has been designed to support the growing Irish export market. Our partnership with the Cork Chamber of Commerce allows Irish Exporters and Freight Forwarders to apply for Certificates of Origin, with certified documents being available to print within two hours of submission.

  • European Community

    Exporters and Freight Forwarders who are exporting from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden are able to use the Quickcert platform to apply for Certificates of Origin and certified supporting documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists and other documents. All documentation is certified by an EU approved Chamber of Commerce, giving exporters a streamlined, simple method of obtaining their export documentation.

For further information on our worldwide certification services or our additional document legalisation services, please contact us on email or telephone +44 (0) 1784 254123.

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